Sankeerthana Balaganam

Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America will organize the Annamacharya Sankeerthanas recital devotional event “Sankeerthana Balaganam”on 03 November at 17707, Kensington Ave, Cerretos, CA – 90703.  This is an annual event to encourage youngsters who are the torch bearers to carry on the tradition of Annamacharya works.  Following are the details of the religious event:

Date: Sunday, 03 November 2019

Time:  4pm to 8pm

Place: 17707, Kensington Ave, Cerretos, CA – 90703


LIFE & WORKS OF ANNAMACHARYA           By Satya V. Duvvuri

SANKEERTHANA RECITAL And Gosti (Spiritual discussion on the Sankeerthanas)

Local Under-16 Youngsters  
(Local boys and girls of 16 years of age and under)


PRASADAM will be served after the Mangalam

Admission Free.  Donations Accepted


Namo Venkatesaya!

Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya 611th Jayanthi Festival 

Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America will commemorate the 611th Jayanthi of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya during 14th – 18th May 2019



Date(s):Tuesday, May 14th – Saturday May 18th
Place :  Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America  premises, Riverside, CA; and Simi Valley Mandir, Simi Valley, CA 
Tuesday May 14-17, Religious Service:
 7-8 AM at Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America  premises
Sri Venkateswara Naamocharana, Gurudeva Prardhana, 
              Guru Sthuthi Sankeerthanam on Annamacharya, Aarati, Prasadm
Saturday May 18, Religious Service:
 8am-3pm at Simi Valley Mandir, 1925  Royal Ave, Simi Valley, Ca-93065
Samoohika Sankalpam by 10:00am
             8:00am-9:30am Swamivari Puja, Gurudeva Prarthana
            Life and works of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya by Satya V. Duvvuri
            Sankeerthana recital on Annamacharya, Uregimpu (Procession Through Town)
             Gruhasthas will do Samoohika Sankalpam (As a group) 
            for Sri Venkateswara Sankeerthana Kalyanothsavam by 10am on 18th May 2019 
            Sri Venkateswara Kalyanam (Sankeerthana Kalyanothsavam***)
            2:30pm Arathi and Mangalam,
            3pm Prasadam & Vivaha Bhojanam (Lunch) at 
            Sankeerthana Recital during Kalyanothsavam at each relate Kalyana  Ghattam***
  • ***Sankirtana Recital:
    Vocal:SVASA Core Singers:
                  Annapurna Duvvuri, Sudha Kotha, Priya Tatta, Subhdra Usha, & Vasanth Tatta, and group, Vikas Munukutla
    Instrument Support:Violin:  

    PrasadamPrasadam & Vivaha Bhojanam (Lunch) at 3pm

516th Vardhanthi Commemoration of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya

SVASA invites you to a
Annamacharya Sankirtana Recital 
Devoted Musicians
Torrance, CA 


Torrance, CA

Date:March 30, 2019 (Saturday)    3-8pm
Place :  Panchamukha Hanuman Templer, 3555 Lomita Blvd, A, Torrance, Ca-90505
  • Introduction:  Satya V. Duvvuri on the life and works of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya
  • Sankirtana Recital:
    • Devotee Vocalists
    Book & CD“Annamayya Sankeerthana Panchashati(book)
    “Annamayya Ashtadasa Sankeerthanas” (book)
     “Annamayya Sankeerthana Sanjeevani”  CD       Available for the devotees in US.

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