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Highlights of the "Sankirthana Balaganam" 

Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America organized the Annamacharya Sankeerthanas recital devotional event "Sankeerthana Balaganam"on 13 September at the Laxmi Narayan Mandir, 9292 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA-92503.  Following are the details of the religious service:

Date: Sunday, 13 September 2015

Time:  2pm to 8pm

This is a religious program organized by SVASA exclusively for the Under-16 youngsters to promote the awareness of Annamacharya's works in the youth who will be the torch bearers for the community to sing, preserve, and protect Annamacharya Sankeerthanas.  The platform was also used to bring awareness in the youngsters of the Sankeerthanas value base.  Over 50  youngsters to include boys and girls participated to sing as many as forty five Sankeerthanas of Annamacharya.  This is a well attended and very well received devotional service for SVASA.  The devotees at the  temple were thoroughly enthralled by the content of this devotional service.  During the Sankeerthana recital, the whole environment was filled with unbounded joy.  The event started with the usual Gurudeva Prardhana "Sri Mathvadeeya Charithamrithamannayaarya".  The president of SVASA provided the introduction on Annamacharya and commentary for the Sankeerthanas that followed.  He also provided opportunity to a few of the youngsters to organize the religious event.  Former director of Annamacharya Project Sri Kamisetty Srinivasulu provided the Annamacharya Sankeerthanas value base to the youngsters by sharing with them his experiences on Annamacharya works in an educational format.  Sri Sarma graciously supported on Tabla for the young artists.  Vikas Munukutla, the young classical music artist from Southland, stood out as role model for the youngsters providing the narration on the musical values of the Sankeerthanas.  He also rendered a couple of Annamachrya Sankeerthanas composed by his Guru Sri Nedunuri.  

Mangala Haarathi was offered to deities after the Sankeerthana recital and Prasadam distribution followed the Haarathi.

Namo Venkatesaya!



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