SVASA is a nonprofit religious organization registered in California, USA.  SVASA believes that Annamacharya is the incarnation of Lord Sri Venakteswara and both are inseparable. This belief has actually transformed into the name of the organization “Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society Of America (SVASA)”.  SVASA also stands for the symbol of “Life” or “Prana” for all beings in the Universe. SVASA’s mission is to promote in US the literature, music, and philosophy of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya and thereby create/increase the spiritual awareness in the community.  This is being accomplished by organizing study circles, cultural programs (including devotional music recitals, dance performances), and spiritual discourses.

SVASA honors Annamacharya  by organizing both the “Jayanthi” and the “Vardhanthi” commemorations annually and also organizes other devotional services to promote the cause.

SVASA travels to carry the message of Annamacharya to enthusiastic followers in different cities. With the dedicated contributions of devotees and artists in the past several years, SVASA has been able to introduce and promote the ideals of Annamacharya in several states of the US.  SVASA organized spiritual discourses, devotional music recitals, and devotional services through local artists in many places including Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Merced, Livermore, Sunnyvale, San Leandro, San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Seattle etc.


All donations to SVASA are tax exempt.

SVASA acknowledges:  All donors for their generous financial contributions, and all volunteers for their dedicated service to the organization

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