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Highlights of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya 609th Jayanthi Festival 

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Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya composed over 32000 Sankeerthanas over 600 years ago.  In over 100 of his compositions known, he captured the ceremonial aspects of the marriage ceremony with Lord Venkateswara and his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi.  The lyrical masterpieces depicted the deeper rationales embedded in our marriage traditions, and at the same time revered the deep devotion to the Lo
rd.  Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America's Sankeerthana Kalyanothsavam was conducted in a fittingly grand manner on 13 May at The lakshmi Narayan Mandir –  with steps (Ghattams) Snathakam, Rakhsa Bandhanam, Kanya Daanam, Jeelakara Bellam, Mangala Suthra Dharanam and Talambralu etc.  As the priests conducted and explained the religious and social significance of each step of the Kalyanam (wedding), Satya Duvvuri presented the matching Annamacharya composition explaining the meaning and significance and the musicians laced it with their melodious renderings.  Such a punctuation of ceremony with music enthralled one and all, thus creating a harmony that will benefit the entire world with peace and everlasting happiness.  The appeal was magical to all the devotees who participated in the Sannkeerthana Kalyanothsavam. Their thoughts were uplifted to a completely transformed level of consciousness.  One of the devotees commented befittingly Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America is the first organization to perform this kind of Kalyanothsavam with Sankeerthanas  in 2011 which was never before done by anywhere other than the organization itself on 21 May 2011 in Carson, CA, and continuing it annually thereafter.  Needless to say, in today’s challenging times, we need such spiritual programs that commemorate the great Saints works in a manner to bring awareness of devotional quality in the community, and SVASA did the job in delivering the message for the past two decades in United States!". 
"Mangala Harathi" and Naivedyam was offered at 2:45pm.  Prasadam was served to the devotees after the Kalyanothsavam.  Nearly 500 devotees took part in the festival.

Sankeerthana Kalynothsavam is an experience beyond description; it is an experience that raised our awareness of our traditions and music, understanding of Annamacharya Sankeerthanas, and above all our devotion to Lord Sri Venkateswara.  Someone aptly remarked –  this is a journey to Thirupathi, the abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Among the volunteers that helped in this event there were student volunteers.

May the blessing of Sri Venkateswara and Annamacharya be always there with all those participated in this unique religious festival. 

Namo Venkatesaya

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