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6th Centennial




Highlights of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya 602nd Jayanthi Festival 

Sri Venkateswara Annamacharya Society of America commemorated the 602nd Jayanthi of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya on 27th & 29th May 2008
at SVASA premises and at Shree Ram Kabir Mandir, 530E. 21st St., Carson CA, USA.

The commemoration festival started on 27 May at 6-7am in the SVASA premises Riverside with Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham followed by Sri Venkateswara Namocharana, Gurudeva Prardhana (SreeMathvadeeya), and Guru Sthuthi Sankeerthanam.  In the evening from 7-9pm Sankeerthanas were recited and concluded with Mangalam and Prasadam.

On 29 May the program started at 2:30pm at the Sree Ram Kabir Mandir with devotees singing Gurudeva Prardhana (Sreemathvadeeya) followed by Uregimpu and Nagara Sankeerthanam. Devotees recited samkirthanas Appani Vara Prasadi, Hari Avatharameethadu, Hariyavathaarame Aathandithadu, and Sarananti Maathani).  Later the devotees gathered at the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and honoured Annamacharya by singing numerous Sankeerthanas. Satya Duvvuri, president of SVASA, briefly presented an introduction on Annamcharya, his life and works before the Sankeerthana recital by the musicians.


                 Uregimpu                                    Sankerrthana Recital

The devoted musicians enthralled the audience with soulful rendering of those precious gems like “Okapari Okapari”, “Nanati Brathuku”, “Nee Daasula Bhangamu”, “Avadharu Raghupathi”, etc, which have blessed the devotees for generations. Satya Duvvuri, president of SVASA, lucidly explained the significance and deeper meanings of Sankeerthanas by his eloquent commentary. Saint Annamacharya, as an Avatar himself of Lord Venkateswara conveyed his message to us to live a righteous life with deep respect for equanimity and devotion to the Lord. Various themes were brought out by a careful selection of the compositions to reflect the wide tapestry of Saint Annamacharya’s compositions. The appeal was magical to all the devotees who participated in the program. Their thoughts were uplifted to a completely transformed level of consciousness. Even, a three-year old toddler was seen humming Muddugare Yashoda as she helped herself to a delicious Prasadam treat after the program. Los Angeles seemed to merge with Tallapaka as time and distance collapsed in total involvement.  One of the devotees who drove 500 miles all the way from Bay Area commented "Needless to say, in today’s challenging times, we need such programs that commemorate the great Saints works in a manner to bring awareness of devotional quality in the community, and SVASA did an absolutely terrific job in delivering the message for the past two decades in United States!".  "Mangala Harathi" was offered at 9:15pm.  Prasdam was served to the devotees after the conclusion of first day's events.

Namo Venkatesaya




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